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Wall Graphic

Wall Graphics also known as Wall Decals, Wall Stickers, Wall Murals is by far the best way to easily add flair to your home, or a great way to attract new customers.    

Wall Graphic is one of the most creative ways to add design, flair and personal touch to just about any internal or external space. Above all, with the creation of your own design or ours, you too can make any commercial or residential feature simply, effectively and on budget.

Our wall graphics are printed and cut on quality materials and can be applied to most internal walls.  Without having to cover the entire wall you can simply put a vector (outline image) on your pre painted wall for added effect. Australia is iconic for its unique cafes, restaurants, wall art, street art, music and murals. Why not bring that into to your home, office or special space. Imagine a large street art type mural on your shop wall to drive in customers, or a large image taken on your last holiday across your living room, now that would definitely set you apart from those around you.

Wall Graphics
Wallpaper in Ballina


Our wallpaper is printed with high-resolution digital graphics on quality materials and can be applied to almost any wall type. There are several textures to choose from smooth finish, textured finish, self-adhesive wallpaper or eco-friendly PVC free wallpapers. 

Whether you are looking to create funky custom style wallpaper using your images or you prefer to select from our range of designs.  Our experienced designers can help you from conception to creation. Perhaps your own image of a favourite holiday photo for example; Turn any wall into a work of art; your office wall into a marketing campaign display new or current products, display your logo, company testaments. Wallpapers are quickly becoming the ‘’go to’’ when looking at changing the look of any room. From a child’s room, dining room, kitchen to commercial applications such as board room or retail space.

LJ Signs can bring your unique design onto your walls easily and affordably. Any design can be easily installed onto any wall in your home, office, or retail space. We have been creating all types of wallpaper, onto ‘one of a kind artwork’ that sets you apart from the rest.

Floor Graphic

Turn your floor space into a work of art or a loud  statement to gain your customer’s attention. Ideal for retail stores, cafes, shopping centres, footpaths, office corridors, special events, sporting events, photo shoots , the applications are endless.  

Full colour pictures and/or text on anti-slip floor vinyl for any flat floor surface is irresistibly eye-catching!. For short or long term use all our digitally printed floor graphics are to Australian standards, so can be used with piece of mind.  Use one of our designs or your personalised creation to suit your needs.

Floor Graphics in Ballina
Window Vinyl Signage in Ballina

Window Graphic

Window graphics also  known as window stickers or window decals can really make any glass panel work for your business.  Office, retail, commercial, professional settings, residential or privacy screens are just a few ways you can utilise visually striking window graphics.

Personalise your interior and explore your creative flare with frosted vinyl to give a sandblast look to that plan glass panel with subtle or striking colours and patterns printed for a one of a kind custom look. Full colour photo graphic for a shopfront window that can be removed and changed as required to provide a fresh look and feel to your business.

There are many texture options for your new window graphic which can be applied internally or externally on any glass surface, for example; window cling (removable), one-way film, frosted, printed frosted, full colour, opaque, clear, lettering, images.  Photos can all be clearly displayed on glass to showcase any design.

Window graphics can be used for short- or long-term use, whether it is a large window graphic or simply a small one, maybe your next ‘Sale’, these window graphics are easy to apply. Our team of professional installers can install the window graphic for you, or you can opt to install the window graphic yourself. Your window can now be your space to advertise.

One-way Vision

One-way vision graphic is great way to advertise on glass with the graphic on one side and the ability to see directly though from the other side.  One-way vision graphic is an innovative material made from perforated self-adhesive vinyl film. The small perforated holes allow visibility from the inside, about 35% light transmission, while anyone viewing from the outside will see your window graphic.  LJ Signs digitally print your full colour image and text directly onto the material, then apply an optically clear over laminate to protect your graphics from UV, water, dust, marks and scratches.  One-way vision graphics are ideal for internal or external glass areas such as retail windows, commercial windows, home windows, vehicle windows and much more.   LJ Signs have provided one-way vision for various applications including window advertising for Supermarkets and Store fronts, privacy for office meeting rooms, business promotion on vehicle windows and home décor to name a few. One-way vision works when viewed from a position in the light (outside shop front window), to a position in the dark (inside shop). At night, it works the opposite way with ability to see in.  LJ Signs recommend you consider this when planning for one-way vision to be a privacy screen.
One Way Vision in Ballina