Civil Construction Sign Solutions

Street Signage

There are many types of street signs, such as Metal Panel, Post, Monument, Pylon, Accessible & Safety, and Traffic signs. At LJ Signs, we manufacture traffic signage according to the Australian Standards. We have extensive knowledge in traffic signage specifications and adhere to these standards which includes the use of the correct reflective vinyl to steel work and fonts. 

Street Signage in Ballina
Directional Signage in Ballina

Site Signage

Before a construction project can commence and as part of the health and safety laws a construction site must display signage for safety, hazard, and directions. Prior to commencement of construction, builders must ensure that an adequate number of general safety signs, depending on the size and complexity of the job site, are erected at the workplace. LJ Signs can work with you to deliver signage such as Safety signs, Hazard signs, PPE Signs, Danger/Warning signs. In addition, custom designed construction, general-site, and worksite signs tailored to suit the project. LJ Signs can provide a complete site signage package.

LJ Signs will work with you ensuring your site signage is designed, manufactured, and installed in a timely manner, enabling your project to commence.

Directional Signage

At LJ Signs we manufacture Directional signage to your tailored requirements. Directional signage is essential for helping people find their way within a university, guide people in a building with an area directory, or a site map on a construction site. In addition, to our traffic signage which is manufactured according to the Australian Standards, we have extensive knowledge in Directional signage and where applicable LJ Signs adhere to Australian Standards which includes the use of the correct reflective vinyl to steel work and fonts. LJ Signs have delivered Directional Signage projects to industries such as Hospitals, Construction, Parks and Gardens, Holiday Parks, Event complex, Shopping Centres.

LJ Sign Solutions Directional Signage