Wall and Floor Signs in Byron Bay

Wall and Floor Signs in Byron Bay

LJ Signs is Byron Bay’s leading provider of cost-effective retail marketing graphics. We offer a wide array of modern and full-colour retail graphic solutions for different businesses, including wall graphics, floor graphics, wallpapers, and window graphics. We also provide a one-way vision window film for advertising on glass panels.

Wall Graphics That Stand Out

Wall Graphics That Stand Out in Byron Bay

Colourful and well-placed posters and point of sale signs are a great way to lure customers into your boutique, cafe, or shoe store. But you can augment these sales tools with eye-catching wall graphics, floor decals, and other retail graphic solutions that LJ Signs offer.

We specialise in wall graphics or murals for commercial properties and institutions. Our wall graphics are printed on high-quality materials and feature vibrant colours that will surely impress customers and passers-by.

It doesn’t matter how big or how small it is. Whether you want a complicated design or a simple one, rest assured that we can do that. We cater to any budget, and our wall graphics offer superb adhesion to smooth concrete, glass, or wood walls. Available for residential properties, too.

Striking Wallpapers

Another way to make sure that your store, home, showroom, or office stands out is with customised wallpapers. But these are not your grandma’s wallpapers. We can customise the design to make sure that it matches your store, home, or office’s aesthetic. Want something bold and colourful? We can do that. If you want something elegant yet understated, then we can do that, too. We can also highlight your products, business name, logo, and more to make a great impression on your clients and customers.

One-Way Window Vision Film

One-Way Window Vision Film in Byron Bay

One-way window vision film is a new and unique way to put graphics on glass panels. They allow a visitor or a prospective customer standing outside the store to see your graphics while allowing light to stream inside and let you see the view on the other side of the glass panels. Our one-way window vision films are easy to install and don’t peel easily.

Informative Floor Graphics

Floor graphics can be used to guide customers and guests to checkout counters, concierge, fitting rooms, and more. They can also be used as an advertising tool or as markers for social distancing.

Here at LJ Signs, we specialise in producing colourful and non-slip vinyl floor graphics for stores, malls, museums, cafes, and more. Our products are printed digitally and adhere to concrete, wood, tile, and other types of floors for longer.

Eye-Catching Window Graphics

Eye-Catching Window Graphics in Byron Bay

Window graphics are a great way to pique the interest of the people passing by your retail store, restaurant, or any other business in Byron Bay. All of our window graphics or decals can be customised to match your store’s aesthetics and fit the glass panel on your storefront. Available in different sizes, they can be made to fit small or huge glass panels.

We offer a wide array of designs and textures that will impress your customers. With superior adhesion to prevent the decals from peeling or falling off prematurely. The graphics can also be peeled off without leaving ugly adhesive marks on the glass once your advertising campaign ends.