Top 5 signs to make your Coffs Harbour shop stand out

Shopfront signage in Coffs Harbour

Ecommerce stores have dominated for the past few years, but that doesn’t mean actual brick-and-mortar shops have been left behind. Many people still prefer to go to actual shops so they can feel the merchandise in their hands and see if the shoes or jacket looks good on them. And to help your customers make the right decision or point them in the right direction, you must have compelling and eye-catching signages.

Here at LJ Signs, we believe that signages, banners, and business cards play a large part in the success of many businesses in Coffs Harbour. That is why we are offering a wide array of signages and other marketing collateral that will amplify your message and boost your sales. Here are some of the signages we offer.

Acrylic signages

Acrylic signages in Coffs Harbour

Acrylic is probably one of the most versatile and sturdiest signage materials. It can be used as a banner, point-of-sale sign, and even an illuminated sign. The material is so durable that it can be turned into menu boards, exhibition signages, or company signages. It is a cost-effective replacement for glass and can be used for outdoor or indoor purposes.

Roll-up and vinyl banners

Make sure customers know that you’re launching your store or your merchandise is on sale with colourful and unforgettable roll-up or vinyl banners. Our vinyl banners come with metal eyelets, allowing you to easily hang them on the ceiling or your store’s walls. Our roll-up banners are great for tradeshows and product launches as they come with a carry bag. Simply set them up onsite, and you’re good to go.

Point-of-sale signages

Point-of-sale signages Coffs Harbour

Whether you own a boutique, a clinic, or a cafe, you know how helpful a strategically positioned point-of-sale signage is. Here at LJ Signs, we specialise in creating point-of-sale signages that not only stand out but are also effective. We offer window signs, floor graphics, and aisle signs that are memorable and easy to see and read. All signages feature a matte finish to ensure that they can be seen under the harsh glare of fluorescent lights.

Lighted signs

This is a must-have for Coffs Harbour restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, and other businesses that operate even after the sun sets. LJ Signs offers durable outdoor and indoor illuminated signages that attract regular customers and even pedestrians. We offer a vast array of options when it comes to illuminated signages, including custom backlit letters, 3-dimensional lighted signs, and more.

Eye-catching and memorable posters

Our team at LJ Signs can design and produce a poster according to your specifications. Whether it’s a small one or something that covers the shop’s entire wall, we can do that. All our posters are printed in high resolution so they look professional and draw the eyes of your customers.

LJ Signs doesn’t just offer signages. Our team also creates unforgettable business cards, shopfront signages, and durable PVC plastic signs. If you own or you’re managing a hotel, club, clinic, and more, then we can help you make your business more visible. We make aluminium composite panels that are perfect for the businesses we mentioned above. We also offer corflute signs for real estate and construction sites in Coffs Harbour.