Signage Design Trends 2024

Sustainable Signage

Sustainable signage isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a real practice implemented by environmentally conscious signage companies worldwide.  

So what does sustainable signage mean? Like any other industry, signage creation can get wasteful. A few cuttings here and there can easily pile up. Although scientists have made great strides in recycling technology, it’s still hard to keep plastic and other signage waste from ending up in a landfill.

That’s why many within the signage industry have made it their mission to make sustainability their number one goal in 2024. Let’s dive deeper into it below.

By now, we’re no strangers to news about pollution and the effects of climate change. 

In 2024 the signage industry is striving to ensure that the materials used are recycled as much as possible and that they are sourced and manufactured sustainably. This also includes the use of eco-friendly inks and recycled materials to print signs.

For example at LJ Signs, we prioritise using eco-friendly materials, such as cardboard and wood, for our signage. Acrylic and aluminium are also easy to recycle, so we often use them for our signs. If you want to reduce the use of plastic, you can discuss this with us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

Rest assured that all waste we produce during sign production is sorted out and recycled when possible. If it can’t be recycled, we always ensure that any waste is kept to a minimum.

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Keeping it simple

Another cool signage trend for 2024 is simplicity in design. Many clients want their signage to stand out. So, they choose elaborate fonts and put in as many elements as they can.

The problem is this can be counter-productive. In many cases, sleek and simple signage can do the job as long as it’s well-designed and you have conveyed your message well.



In our opinion, personalising your experience with signage creation shouldn’t be a trend but a mainstay. At LJ Signs, we ensure that each step is collaborative.

From the initial consultation to choosing the colours, font, and design that is right for you, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

We’ll guide you every step of the way, helping you make your vision a reality.

Easy to Read

For customers or those looking for your business, nothing is more annoying or confusing than an elaborate font that’s hard to read. It might look good for you, but it’s hard to read for your customers or visitors.

We’ll help you choose a modern yet easy-to-read and memorable font.

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Be Bold

Simplicity is all the rage in many signage elements, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go bold with colours. 2024 is the year of luscious oranges, bright pinks, and electric blues. As long as it goes well with other elements, then feel free to choose a bright colour for your signage.

Clear Message

No beating around the bush this 2024. All customers want is crystal-clear messaging. Whether you need retail signage or vehicle stickers, we have them all. We’re ready to help you with all your signage needs, so get in touch with us now.

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