Different Types of Signs Available for Byron Bay Store Owners

Posting your store’s launch or your annual sale on social media and website pages is great, but there’s nothing like a good printed sign on your shop itself to lure customers. Today, we’re going to discuss the different types of retail signs and other marketing collateral that LJ Signs can offer. If you’re living or working in and around Byron Bay, then this is for you.

Unforgettable shop front signages

LJ Sisngs Byron Bay Unforgettable shop front signages
Unforgettable shop front signages

If you own a shop, the first thing you have to have is shopfront signage. LJ Signs specialises in designing and creating unforgettable signage that immediately captures the attention of prospective customers. All signs we make follow local and building requirements and maximises the available space in front of your store. Plus, we can collaborate with architects, electricians, and other tradespeople to make the best and safest shopfront signage possible.

Eye-catching posters

Whether you’re announcing an event or the launch of your new shop, LJ Signs can create the best posters for you. The posters are created in line with your vision and your brand’s style. Our posters are also cost-effective.

Brightly illuminated signs

Illuminated signs are great for restaurants, cafes, bars, convenience stores, and other businesses that are open at night. They are also ideal for shops that are inside malls. Our illuminated signages are memorable and brightly lit so that customers can see them from afar. We can create signages that can be used indoors or hung outdoors for maximum effect.

Brightly illuminated signs ​ by LJ Signs Byron Bay Sign Solutions

Compelling point-of-sale signs and banners

LJ Signs also specialise in creating point-of-sale signs that attract customers to your store. Whether you need to hang a window sign or set up a retractable banner, we can do that. We also specialise in creating graphics that easily adhere to the floor, wall, or glass panels.

Other point-of-sale signs include colourful roll-up banners and vinyl banners. All of our point-of-sale signs for Byron Bay clients are digitally printed and available in different sizes and shapes to suit your needs.

Business Cards

Business Card in Ballina

Whoever said that business cards are a thing of the past is wrong. 21st-century business cards are alive, thriving, and effective. Here at LJ Signs, we offer unique business cards that you can use not only in marketing your business and services but also in networking.

Durable corflute signs

We produce durable corflute signs whether you’re announcing an open house or you just want people to know that there’s a construction site ahead. Our signs are made from sturdy plastic that can withstand rain and heat. All our corflute signs come in different brilliant colours and are cost-effective.

Other LJ Signs Products

We also offer high-quality PVC signages, aluminum composite panels for your institution, and acrylic signages. All signages can be customised to suit your business’ needs and your brand’s style. If you are located in the Byron Bay area, then we’d love to hear from you so we can tell you more about our line of durable yet unforgettable custom signages.